Instructions for Manual Toothbrushing

It is of the utmost importance, in addition to using the correct toothpaste and also brushing for at least 2 minutes, to brush the teeth in a set sequence. This technique prevents certain areas from being missed. Areas untouched by the brush will allow plaque to continue to grow. Try to choose a brush with medium or soft bristles and a small head.


Hold the brush firmly and place the bristles at an angle against the edge of your gums (use a 45° angle). Take care to ensure that the bristles are in contact with a small part of the gum margin.

Place the brush against the molar or tooth at the back of the mouth and make short back‐and‐forth scrubbing movements. Brush from the back to the front of the mouth, and try to overlap the strokes. Do not brush more than two teeth simultaneously. Always start at the back and work slowly forward.

Always hold the brush head horizontally when cleaning the outside surfaces of the teeth. It is easier to hold the head vertically when brushing the inside surfaces of the top and bottom teeth.

Avoid too much pressure and fast movements, and be aware of feeling contact with the gum margin. Also, avoid brushing too vigorously, thereby preventing damage to the gums.

When cleaning the teeth, keep using the same sequence of brushing. For example, brush the inside of the lower left jaw (15 seconds) and then the inside right (15 seconds). Then, brush the left on the outside (15 seconds), followed by the right on the outside (15 seconds). Repeat the same sequence in the upper jaw. Finally, brush the chewing surfaces with small scrubbing movements. Replace the brush when the bristles start to bend or splay.

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