Instructions for Use of Single‐tufted/End‐tufted Brushes

The single‐tufted toothbrush is a small brush with a small, single tuft of short bristles attached to the end. The end‐tufted brush has a number of small tufts attached in a similar manner. These brushes are an option for cleansing areas of the dentition that cannot be reached with other oral hygiene aids, for example, a lone‐standing tooth, the back surface of the last molar or a tooth in the arches, wires and locks of orthodontic braces, grooves or the entrances to areas where the roots have split apart.


Hold the single‐tufted brush as you would hold a pen. This method prevents too much force being applied to the gums.

Place the single‐tufted brush at an angle directed toward the gums (approximately 45°) – this angle allows the bristles to reach just under the gum margin.

Use small, rotational pencil movements.

The bristles of the brush will then rotate under and along the gum margin. The brush should then be slowly moved along the tooth surface to cover all areas.