Instructions for Use of Tongue Cleaners

Tongue cleaning is a useful addition to the daily oral hygiene routine. Many bacteria can be found within the grooves on the back of the tongue, which can cause bad breath. By brushing or scraping the tongue, this problem can be markedly helped or prevented entirely. One of the problems associated with tongue cleaning is that it can stimulate a gag reflex, especially when first applying this procedure. This reflex occurs more frequently with brushing than when using a scraper. Some people find it less of a problem if they clean their tongue in the evening.


There are various types of tongue cleaners: the most effective seems to one having the form of a loop. Extend the tongue as far as possible out of your mouth. Breathe calmly through your nose.

Place the tongue cleaner as far back as possible on the tongue, and press lightly with it so that the tongue becomes flattened. Ensure full contact of the tongue cleaner with the tongue. Pull the tongue cleaner slowly forward.

Clean the middle part of the tongue, first using the raised edge on one side of the instrument. Use the smooth surface of the tongue cleaner on the sides of the tongue. Repeat these scraping movements a number of times. Rinse the mouth several times.

Remember to clean the tongue cleaner thoroughly after each use.